So far, about 50 people have downloaded ther Roller webapp and another 70 have downloaded the Roller source code.  But, I have only heard from one - one person is attempting to install Roller at

Apparently, installing Roller at Webappcabaret is complicated by the fact that Webappcabaret does not allow customers to edit Tomcat's server.xml file.  This means that customers have to make do with Webappcabaret's File Realm ACL (I assume this is just a customized Tomcat realm that stores user names, passwords, and roles in a file somewhere).  I think Roller will need some changes to run in this environment, and the "register as new user" feature might not work since Webappcabaret controls the File Realm ACL.  I'll report back if I find out more about the Webappcabaret install.

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