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Modernizing the Roller UI

I don't blog very often but I still find time to work on my blog's software: Apache Roller.

Recently, I decided to focus on improving Roller's ancient Struts 2-based user interface (UI). I had considered adding a comprehensive API to Roller and building a new UI based on that API, but wow that is a huge amount of work. Instead, I decided to modernize the Roller UI by using Twitter's Bootstrap components and CSS styles.

So far, I've devoted a couple of weekends to this work and made some pretty good progress. I'm about half-way done. I'm using the Struts2-Bootstrap plugin, adding better client-side form validation with JavaScript and doing my best to improve the overall user experience. You can see an album of the pages I've done so far on Flickr:
Roller UI with Bootstrap

I would love any contributions, so if you are interested in helping out, please submit Pull Requests against the bootstrap-ui branch in the Apache Roller repo on GitHub.


Came across your work after picking up a nearly like-new copy of your 2006 book "RSS and Atom in Action", (for $2) from the Goodwill in Redlands, CA (home of ESRI, a GIS company you surely heard of back in the day, since I also see your Flckr). Anyway, being somewhat adverse to PHP from several years back, Roller's Java might be intriguing. But I work mostly in C# for past few years. What's a busy developer to do? Is anyone using Roller with Esperanto?

Posted by Bruce Thomas on February 12, 2017 at 10:32 AM EST #

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