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Why I prefer IntelliJ IDEA over Eclipse Matt Raible
Over the last couple months, I've received a few emails asking why I prefer IntelliJ IDEA over Eclipse . They usually go something like this: I keep seeing you recommending IntelliJ. I keep trying it intermittently with using Eclipse, but I feel like I'm...
Father's Day Weekend on The Arkansas River Matt Raible
I really enjoy being a father. I consider it one of my greatest responsibilities, one that has many rewards. There's nothing like hearing your son say "Dad, I'm really glad you made me go on this trip" (on our Yampa trip ) or your daughter making ...
Rafting the Yampa through Dinosaur National Monument Matt Raible
In January, my friend Brice sent out an email to a bunch of folks asking us to apply for a river permit lottery. He sent us links to lotteries for Dinosaur National Monument - Yampa River and Desolation Gray - Green River . There were 10 of us...
How do you stay current with emerging technologies? Matt Raible
I recently received an email from a former co-worker. She was curious to know what I read/do to know what it is "trending" in the software world. I think this is good knowledge to share, and I'm also interested in what others do to keep up. Here's my response...
Syncro Solstice 2014 Matt Raible
I like to think I've been part of the VW Community for many years. In reality, I've been sitting on the sidelines, waiting for the restoration of my '66 to finish. When we bought our Syncro last year, I became an active participant again. Last...

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