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2013 - A Year in Review Matt Raible
2013 was an amazing year: Trish and I got married, celebrated on a 'round-the-world honeymoon and invested in a new 4x4 VW Bus. I finally achieved my goal of vacationing 25% and I got to spend more than two months in the presence of my wonderful...
You shouldn't have to worry about front end optimization Matt Raible
After writing yesterday's article on optimizing AngularJS apps with Grunt I received an interesting reply from @markj9 on Twitter. @mraible that might be a bad thing! you should go listen to Igor.. http://t.co/HL2mho7R86 — Mark (@markj9) ...
Using Grunt with AngularJS for Front End Optimization Matt Raible
I'm passionate about front end optimization and have been for years. My original inspiration was Steve Souders and his Even Faster Web Sites talk at OSCON 2008 . Since then, I've optimized this blog , made it even faster with a new design , doubled the...
AppFuse 3.0 Released! Matt Raible
The AppFuse Team is pleased to announce the release of AppFuse 3.0. This release is AppFuse's first release as a 10-year old and includes a whole slew of improvements. Java 7 and Maven 3 are now minimal requirements Replaced MyFaces and...
JavaOne 2013: Videos of Presentations on Parleys Matt Raible
This year marked my first time speaking at JavaOne . It seems to have gone well, especially since audience feedback resulted in a JavaOne Rock Star Award . I'm very humbled to be listed with some really great speakers. Congratulations to all the other Rock...

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