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Planet Roller: recent posts from the community

This page uses Roller's built-in "planet" aggregator to bring you the latest posts from the folks who contribute to Roller. You can also subscribe to this page as an feedicon RSS 2.0 feed.

Speaking Adventures at J-Spring, Devoxx UK, GeeCON, and Spring I/O Matt Raible
As a Developer Advocate at Okta , I'm expected to travel up to 25% per month to speak at conferences and meetups. This May was more like 50%! I had opportunities to contribute to a number of cool conferences in exotic cities that I was eager to...
Farewell to the 2016-17 Ski Season Matt Raible
The 2016-17 Ski Season was a fun one for the Raible Family. Abbie and Jack are good enough that they can zoom down the mountain without looking back. Their preferred runs are now blacks and they're no longer intimidated by moguls. We spent most of...
Angular and Cloud Native PWAs at Devoxx France Matt Raible
Devoxx France is one of my favorite conferences. As you might know from my post about Jfokus , I thrive on a sense of community and the memories created by conferences. Last week in Paris, I experienced a passionate community and created several memories,...
Let the Okta and Devoxx Journeys Begin! Matt Raible
It's been almost a month since Stormpath joined forces with Okta . My first day at Okta was on February 27, and I was only briefly in the San Francisco headquarters. I had to fly out at noon on my second day, so I hunkered down in the Okta Pub and cranked out...
A Jolly Good Time at Jfokus 2017 Matt Raible
I like speaking at conferences. I don't enjoy the stress of creating a new talk and delivering it for the first time, but I do enjoy delivering talks, and I love the feeling after. It's even better when the conference provides an atmosphere that creates...

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