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Syncro Solstice 2015 Matt Raible
Our Syncro has been running in tip-top shape ever since we got a new Subaru H6 engine last August . Since then, we've driven it 9000 miles, most of them on trips during the ski season . To begin the camping season this year, we traveled to Moab, Utah...
Farewell to the 2014-2015 Ski Season Matt Raible
My family and I had a terrific ski season this year. Last year was an epic year with 11 resorts and a heli-skiing trip to British Columbia. This year, we skied Winter Park/Mary Jane, Steamboat, Copper, Crested Butte and Telluride. I logged 42...
The Bus Arrives at Sewfine Matt Raible
11 years ago yesterday, I bought a '66 21-Window VW Bus using "buy it now" on eBay. 11 years later, it was delivered to Sewfine Interior Products to get the interior installed. When I originally spoke with them last year, they estimated it'd only...
Getting Hip with JHipster at Denver's Java User Group Matt Raible
Last night, I had the pleasure of speaking at Denver's Java User Group Meetup about JHipster . I've been a big fan of JHipster ever since I started using it last fall. I developed a quick prototype for a client and wrote about solving some issues I had...
Skiing Adventures with our Syncro in the Rocky Mountains Matt Raible
Our Syncro Westy was returned to us in early February, after being in the shop since just before Christmas. It was in the shop for body work caused by an accident that was my fault. Luckily, no one was hurt and the damage was minor. The morning after...

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