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Devoxx4Kids - Denver: Introduction to Hardware Concepts with littleBits Matt Raible
I'm pleased to announce the second meeting of the Denver Chapter of Devoxx4Kids is now open for registration . It's a two hour class titled Introduction to Hardware Concepts with littleBits and will be taught by Denver's own Tack Mobile . To learn more...
Building a REST API with JAXB, Spring Boot and Spring Data Matt Raible
If someone asked you to develop a REST API on the JVM, which frameworks would you use? I was recently tasked with such a project. My client asked me to implement a REST API to ingest requests from a 3rd party. The project entailed consuming XML ...
Developing Services with Apache Camel - Part IV: Load Testing and Monitoring Matt Raible
Welcome to the final article in a series on my experience developing services with Apache Camel . I learned how to implement CXF endpoints using its Java DSL, made sure everything worked with its testing framework and integrated Spring Boot for...
The 21-Day Sugar Detox Matt Raible
For the past 21-days, I've been on a sugar detox. Becky Reece , a long-time friend of Trish's, inspired us to do it. Becky is a nutritionist and we've always admired how fit she is. Becky challenged a bunch of her friends to do it, and Trish signed up. I told...
Developing Services with Apache Camel - Part III: Integrating Spring 4 and Spring Boot Matt Raible
This article is the third in a series on Apache Camel and how I used it to replace IBM Message Broker for a client. I used Apache Camel for several months this summer to create a number of SOAP services. These services performed various third-party...

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