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The First Day of School Matt Raible
Another school year is upon us! This year brings a big change: Abbie is now a middle schooler! I missed blogging about the beginning of school last year because Trish and I were honeymooning in Ireland , Italy , Thailand and Fiji . For fall...
The Scenic Way to Santa Fe Matt Raible
After having a successful run at ski season with our VW Syncro, Trish and I figured we'd see how it performed in the summer. We took it 4x4ing in Moab , rafting in Dinosaur National Monument and camping for Father's Day Weekend . It was a trusty...
McGinity Photo on the cover of Whisky Magazine! Matt Raible
A couple years ago, my dad and I were driving to get some materials for a home improvement project we were working on. It was during a gorgeous Colorado sunset, one so beautiful that I called Trish and told her "You have to go outside and see it!" Not only did...
Why I prefer IntelliJ IDEA over Eclipse Matt Raible
Over the last couple months, I've received a few emails asking why I prefer IntelliJ IDEA over Eclipse . They usually go something like this: I keep seeing you recommending IntelliJ. I keep trying it intermittently with using Eclipse, but I feel like I'm...
Father's Day Weekend on The Arkansas River Matt Raible
I really enjoy being a father. I consider it one of my greatest responsibilities, one that has many rewards. There's nothing like hearing your son say "Dad, I'm really glad you made me go on this trip" (on our Yampa trip ) or your daughter making ...

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